Elevator Speech:
In my years of experience (and there’s a lot of them), whether I was a Production Sound Engineer, teaching IT students, marketing pro audio equipment, designing sound systems, or building software, I have learned that every job is always about the people. Listening to understand, understanding to connect and communicating intentionally will always outweigh the task presented. Business processes are adopted because of the security they offer the people involved and managing people will always be more productive than managing work.

Professional Mantra:
Little victories. Find the small things that can be executed with diligence and confidence and complete them first. Achievement and success are motivation for every individual or team, and it has a snowball effect on productivity and cohesiveness.

Underlying themes supporting success:
Whether part of a team or leading a team, success only happens when everyone is in sync and marching forward. This especially includes those who are introverted or would not normally feel safe working on a team of peers. Causing everyone to find their own value and how it contributes to the end goal is essential is growing people, growing teams, and growing business.